Questions for Your Real Estate Lawyer in Downtown Vancouver

June 18, 2019 | Published by

When it comes to making a property purchase in Vancouver, you will need a real estate lawyer to ensure the terms of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale are complied with, and that you are fully aware of all the costs associated with the purchase.

Whether you’ve just purchased your first real estate property in Vancouver, decided to move to a new neighbourhood or chosen to downsize, you’re taking an important step toward an exciting new stage of your life.

Assuming you’ve already found your new home and signed the Contract of Purchase and Sale with your real estate agent, you’ll be looking for a lawyer to help you execute the transaction with your best interests in mind. Your real estate lawyer will be responsible for ensuring that you are purchasing exactly what you expect.

Here are a few questions that you’ll want to prepare ahead of time before scheduling an appointment with your real estate lawyer:

1. What’s your experience working with Vancouver real estate?

Real estate law differs from province to province, and you want to ensure that your real estate lawyer knows the ins-and-outs of property purchase within Vancouver. Ideally, you’ll want to work with a real estate lawyer with many years of experience working with purchasers.

Ensure that you consider your real estate lawyer’s past experience and client reviews—not only their length of time in practice. Your real estate lawyer should be easy to work with, prompt and professional.

2. What are the total costs of closing?

Many people are unaware of additional closing costs such as insurance, land tax and disbursements. Ask your lawyer about their fees, and how available they are if any complications or questions arise.

3. What are the next steps?

At this point, the search for the perfect home is over, and your lawyer should be able to guide you through the next steps.

On closing day, your real estate lawyer will have an important role to play in reviewing the title of the property, releasing funds held in the trust account and paying any funds required on the date of closing.

Ultimately, most of the work lies on the lawyer at this point of a home purchase. You should expect to soon be in possession of your new home. Congratulations!

Our real estate lawyers have helped many home buyers, such as yourself, ensure the process of buying a new home is hassle-free, and all legal processes are taken care of.  Contact Morris Law today.