Invest in Property in Another Province Without Travelling There

March 3, 2023 | Published by

Are you looking to invest in property in a province outside of BC? Maybe you’re thinking of moving to Alberta in the future to raise a family and have a slightly quieter lifestyle. Or maybe you’re considering a faster-paced lifestyle and want to buy property in Ontario. Whatever the scenario might be for you, buying property is usually a great investment in the long run due to appreciation. The housing market is not too volatile, making real estate a safer investment than many other options. 

You want to buy property in another province, but you also don’t want to take time off work and travel to the other province, or you’re unable to travel at the time to complete the paperwork required when buying the property. What are your options? 

When purchasing property, real estate transactions or paperwork is required in another Canadian Province. If you do not wish to travel to that province, then an out-of-province witnessing agent, such as a Vancouver lawyer, can allow you to sign the paperwork in the province where you are located. The real estate lawyer in the province where the property is located, prepares all the documents and then sends them for signing to our real estate law firm, and we can be a witness as you sign the paperwork. The signed documents have to be prepared early so that they can be couriered back to the province where the property is being purchased. This has to be done before the closing date. 

Buying and selling property in a different province is not complicated. However, it does require time and coordination for the paperwork to be prepared and couriered early for signing and then sent back in time before the closing date. Speak with your real estate lawyer to find out more about how to make sure everyone can meet the timeline and have all the paperwork back for the closing date.

How we can help

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