How a Real Estate Lawyer Can Help You

September 21, 2020 | Published by

Whether buying or selling real estate, a real estate lawyer in Vancouver can ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Navigating the world of contracts and legal regulations can be challenging for those not experienced in real estate law. Working with a law firm that specializes in real estate can ensure that your interests are protected and prevent any unwelcome surprises along the way. If you are planning a real estate transaction, here are three of the most crucial real estate legal services our lawyers can provide for you.

Assisting with Real Estate Transactions

First time buyers or sellers are often surprised by how much actually goes into a real estate transaction! With contracts, appraisals, and plenty of other legal documentation to sift through, it is easy to be overwhelmed. Our real estate lawyers in Vancouver will not only guide you through the transaction process but also help you understand the purpose of each document along the way. Your peace of mind is important, and our team is always available for your questions. Once it comes time to close on a transaction, our real estate law firm will prepare all closing documents to ensure that your transaction is processed on time without any delays.

Other legal services our law firm provides include reviewing and revising both purchase agreements and offers to confirm that your rights and interests are being protected. 

Wills and Estate Planning

Our real estate lawyers in Vancouver can help protect your assets for your family by ensuring that your will is legal and properly executed. Whether it is by providing comprehensive legal advice or assisting in drafting a particularly complex will, our lawyers are fully-equipped to help you. Drafting power of attorney and representation agreements are also an important part of the will and estate planning process. These documents allow you to legally grant power to an individual to make decisions on your behalf.

Mobile Real Estate Legal Services in Vancouver

A unique offering our law firm provides is mobile real estate legal services. Even in the simplest of transactions, many documents in the home buying or selling process require a lawyer to be present to witness the signing. With our mobile conveyancing services, our lawyers can meet with you at a common location when needed. Whether you have a hectic schedule or mobility issue, our mobile conveyancing services provide a convenient solution that caters to your needs. 

If you are looking for a residential or commercial real estate lawyer for your next transaction, or if you need a will to be drafted, Morris Law is here to help. Contact our real estate law firm today to book an appointment!