Contact us for Legal Services Through the Holiday Season

December 11, 2019 | Published by

Real estate legal services are needed throughout the year, no matter the timeline.

While December is a busy time for many, our real estate lawyers at Morris Law will be available in the first half of the month to perform any real estate legal services you may require.

We know that the December holiday season may be a busy time for some – from Christmas shopping to planning for the New Year – and booking an appointment with a real estate lawyer may not be the first thing on your mind.

However, when it comes to Vancouver’s real estate market, time is of the essence.

From a two-year slowdown in real estate sales from 2016 through 2018, we saw the Vancouver real estate market transition to a balanced market in 2019 only to shift upwards near the end of 2019. Many buyers may be looking into purchasing property before prices begin to shift upward.

Whether you are planning to buy or sell property, if you aim to do so before the end of 2019, now is your final chance to make a real estate transaction. During this critical period in time, Morris Law is here to help.

We’ve made it an important part of our business to accept same-day appointments where possible, and offer mobile conveyancing services to accommodate those with busy schedules or mobility issues. Our legal office is conveniently located next to the iconic Waterfront station in downtown Vancouver, with ideal access to shopping outlets and breathtaking views of the Burrard inlet.

You can be assured of the quality of service you will receive at Morris Law. Our real estate lawyers have an average five-star rating on Google, primarily providing real estate services to homeowners and prospective buyers in BC.

While we aim to accommodate as many individuals during this busy holiday season, our real estate lawyers will not be available during Christmas through to the New Year. We give our clients plenty of notice if we are unavailable, and will never schedule or take on work that may conflict with your timeline. We hope to see you soon at our legal office!
From everyone at Morris Law: Happy Holidays!